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Welcome to ReSeT #28

ReSeT is an Amstrad demoparty in Coutances, located in northwest France. Previously called Amstrad Expo, this party organized by Eliot / Benediction, is a real success each year since 2000. Through its convivial atmosphere, the ReSeT party is an event opened to all the computers enthusiasts no matter about their level and interest: code, electronic, graphics, music, games. You will have the opportunity to discover previews from the upcoming productions and to meet active sceners sharing their knowledge. And as a demoscene tradition, some competitions are planned, so get started on your releases!

Follow the ReSeT news and organize your trip on the ReSeT trolliner! Don't miss the only Amstrad event of the year, go register!


Date and Location

The ReSeT Party will take place from Friday 24th (12:00) to Sunday 26th of June 2016 (18:00) at Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs, 162 rue Régis Messac, Coutances.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee will be 10 euros per day, including drinks and food. You can book a double room at the party place for 20 euros per night.


The competitions are an opportunity to create something and show it on the big screen! The productions can be submitted at the party place or as a remote entry by e-mail. The deadline is Saturday 25th of June (18:00). Each category winner will be rewarded! Here is the list of the competitions with their rules:


Intro (256b, 1k, 4k)



Remote entries


CPC Hardware can be given for free at the party-place: monitors, keyboards, floppy-drives, floppy-discs... All the parts from Cent Pour Cent [dot net] will be available to repair and upgrade your CPC with the help of hardware specialists.





How to come?

You can easily come by train from Paris, Cherbourg and Rennes. Just contact the organisers to pick you at the rail-station. By car, you can find your way by using www.mappy.fr. At last, it's possible to take the boat from the United Kingdom to Cherbourg or from Jersey/ Guernesey to Granville.


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